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Further to the above-mentioned activities, thanks to its staff and external collaborators, the studio is specialized in the following activities:
  • Territory Agency
  • Applications using topografy-celerimetrics measuring intruments and GPS stations like: Geodetic controls, topographical and detail reliefs, earthquake reliefs, building, tracing, engineering, hydrographical reliefs, GIS cartography, stations of reference, monitoring of the territory, geodetic nets, supports for photogrammetry;
  • L.10/91 Energy Saving for civil and industrial systems of heating and conditioning;
  • Fires prevention c/o National Fire Department, creation of C.P.I. (Fires Prevention Certification);
  • L.626/94 for Job places security;
  • L.494/96 for yards security;
  • Production of N.I.P. (New productive takeovers) c/o Local Sanitary Companies (A.S.L.)
  • Structural calculations for civil and industrial needs.

Moreover, Daniele Di Sorco is personally involved in the following activities:
  • Evaluation of private and industrial buildings and societies, commercial activities and so on ( Technical Counsellor of the Florence Tribunal and member of the Geo-Val skilled evaluators )
  • Civil and Industrial contracts
  • Bio-Architecture, Cooperation and Territory Development