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A team of professionals will assist you throughout your projects and lead you to the achievement of a dream. Supervised by Daniele Di Sorco, thanks to their skills and their passion in their mission, they will make the dream come true and will create warm comfortable, fashion oriented places, intended both for work and for living, never neglecting the functional aspect. Making project choices and using ultra-modern materials that respect the builingstandards existing in the area, taking care of the environment as much as possibile, just like our mission suggest: to create to avoid destroying. Our assistance is complete.
From the purchase of the building, to the feasibility study of the client’s requirements, to the preliminary project, the inquiries for the expenses and the following building contracts, the planning of the building details, the outline of the final project, the preparation of the necessary documents, the supervision of works, the choice of materials and colours, the choice of sectional or special-made furnitures, the cost accounting...... Daniele Di Sorco
up to the “turnkey formula” for shops and showrooms, we will grant you that you’ll receive full assistance in order to make you realize your plans and be able to claim that choosing us was the right choice.