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05. Various

05. Various
In addition to what has already been done; exposed the office, through its internal and external staff, is able to operate throughout the national territory and is able to offer qualified services, with direct and immediate assistance.
  • Land Agency
  • Applications with instrument for topographic-celerimetric measurements at satellite GPS stations such as: Geodetic checks, detailed and topographical surveys, cadastral surveys, seismic surveys, construction, tracing, engineering, reliefs of mines, hydrographic surveys, GIS maps, stations of reference, land monitoring, geodetic networks, support for photogrammetry
  • Structural calculations both civil and industrial
  • Safety in the workplace and on construction sites
  • Acoustics
  • Energy sector
  • Plant
Furthermore Daniele Di Sorco directly follows the following sectors:
  • Estimates of civil and industrial buildings and companies, commercial start-ups, etc. (Technical Consultant of the Court of Florence and member of the Geo-Val.- expert evaluators)
  • Both civil and industrial contracts
  • Bio-architecture, Cooperation and Development of the territory

We offer advice and assistance in the preparation of INTEGRATED LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS.

Projects based on the local will to enhance their territory through the development of development strategies and the correct management of resources.

Working languages โ€‹: Italian, English, French and Spanish

GPS Applications & GIS Maps
Detailed and topographical checks and surveys, GIS mapping, tracking, mining surveys, hydrographic surveys, land monitoring, geodetic networks and photogrammetric supports are performed with latest generation tools and qualified personnel.
Virtually flying in the area, appreciating its characteristics .. Ideal for natural parks or territories for scientific and tourist purposes ...
It allows to catalog the values โ€‹โ€‹of the territory, to visualize them on a three-dimensional map realized with aerial photos and to access their descriptions ...

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